Wooden furnitures are the most olden and traditional form of furnitures that exist in this world. There is literally no house that doesn’t have wooden furniture. Either it should have been inherited from ancestors or one should have bought a new contemporary piece. Wood is one element that doesn’t loose its craze and is widely loved and accepted by all age groups. The style of the furnitures may vary but the base element remains the same and sturdy as Wood.

When choosing to buy wooden furnitures, you might come across a lot of variants from softwoods to hardwoods, traditional to contemporary, handcrafted to machine made, cheap to expensive and lots more. One has to have a basic knowledge of what type of furniture is needed by him and what is the apposite wood that serves its purpose.

If you are just a wood lover and doesn’t actually know the basics of how to choose the best pick, here are a few steps that will actually assist you do your selection job a lot easier.

The Sturdiness:
The first and foremost thing to be considered is the sturdiness and strength of the furniture. The furniture should be really strong enough to hold good for quite a number of years. The sturdiness of the furniture depends on the quality of wood that has gone into the production.  Also check if solid boards are used instead of veneers or particleboards, also known as plywood., because solid boards lasts long than particle boards.

Check for any cracks:
While purchasing wooden furniture, it is important to inspect the physical aspects of the piece. Make sure that the furniture is flawless and doesn’t have any cracks either on the main body or on the corners.

Check the interiors:
It is not just enough for you check the exterior look and appearance of the furniture but it is also equally to check for the interiors of the furniture. There will be many nails and screws that are used in the making of furniture and it has to be checked if all those are fastened in a proper shape.

Get to know about the staining / polishing options:
While purchasing wooden furniture, it is important to know about the options to stain and polish the furnitures in the future. There are certain set of wood types that will adapt to staining and some that will not. So it is recommended that you know about the respective details in the firsthand.

Give extra care when choosing light colours:
When choosing light coloured wooden furniture make sure you choose an original one with original varnish. You can also try rubbing the unfurnished part with wet fingers to make sure that it is real.

More care when buying old furnitures:
When buying old furnitures, you will have to ask a lot of questions and get clarified by Danetti about the various doubts that might arise when refurbishing the product. Make sure that the furniture allows you to repaint it and apply varnishes. Sealed furniture will not take in varnishes and paints and will give out a snobbish appearance when reworked upon.

Check the size of the furniture:
Most of the time people tend to choose furnitures that finally don’t fit their homes. So while going to purchase wooden furnitures, make sure you go with proper pre planned measurements and buy the one that will be easy to transport into your home and rooms.

Original Antiques?
If you are crazy about buying antique furniture, first check if it is an original piece or just a reproduction. Original wooden furnitures are reproduced or in other words duplicated in the dark markets. So one should be double cautious when buying antique furniture. Take an antique expert along with you when you are going to buy antique furnitures,

Tap them up:
It is quite a natural habit of people to tap the wood before choosing them. Some actually know the real purpose of doing so while some others do it just because they have seen other people doing so. However the reason behind tapping woods is to know if there are any woodworms present inside. So always tap and see if dust particles come from within and know that three are some fresh woodworms inside eating your wood little by little.